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FlyteCo Brewing is a place for people
from all walks of life to come and share
stories of their adventures with
good company over a delicious beer!

Eric Serani | Owner/President, Rocket Scientist

A Broomfield native, aerospace engineer, and adventure seeker, Eric is an entrepreneur that lives for the excitement found in starting companies, which, in many ways, is much the same excitement he finds in his other passion – flying. From age 3 when his grandfather took him up for his very first flight in a 1946 Aeronca Champ, to his 16th birthday where he soloed that same aircraft (before ever driving a car alone), to building an airplane with his dad in their garage as a high school student, Eric had quite the head start in the world of aviation. His passion for flying is palpable and so his passion for making and sharing great beer!



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